We relentlessly pursue value-adding and sustainable investments, to whom we provide professional support, disciplined capital and access to global markets, allowing them to unlock their true value. We have demonstrated success in achieving this and welcome your interrogation of the success we have achieved.

We believe in the power of our people. MICROmega invests in founders and CEOs who have built exponentially scalable businesses. These leaders are absorbed into the collaborative MICROmega team, which provides guidance, knowledge transfer and access to a powerful global network.

We remain focused on growing the Group Headline Earnings per Share (HEPS) at an extraordinary rate compared our sector, while simultaneously increasing the levels of cash and dividend growth for our investor base. Attaining these objectives in parallel is unusual in the business environment so our ability to achieve this is core to our competitive advantage.

All of our companies are high-growth businesses that operate in high-growth markets. Our approach of investing in business areas that we can influence allows us to determine the market pricing and manage scalability. This ensures we achieve sustainable growth and aggressive cash generation.

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